List of establishments, plants or operators handling animal by-products

The lists of approved or registered establishments, plants or operators handling animal by-products:

Section I Plants/establishments carrying out intermediate activities and storing animal by-products
Section II Plants/establishments for the storage of derived products
Section III Incineration/Co-incineration/combustion plants
Section IV Processing plants
Section V Oleochemical Plants
Section VI Biogas plants
Section VII Composting plants
Section VIII Petfood plants
Section IX Establishments/plants handling animal by-products or derivad products for purposes outside the feed chain
Section X Registered users of animal by-products and derivad products for specific purposes
Section XI Collection Centres
Section XII Establishments/plants manufacturing organic fertilisers or soil improvers
Section XIII Other registered operators
Authorised remote areas (pre-conditions, authorisation and the list of areas)
The list of users authorized to use unmixed product in big-bags not more than 1000 kg

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